A man saying I need money right this second.

I Need Money Right This Second

If you are saying I need money right this second, we may be able to help. Believe it or not, you may have more options than you think. Take a look at some simple and surprisingly fast ways to get money fast.

Get A Speedy Loan Offer This Second

While a loan might not be the ideal solution, it sure is the fastest way to answer your problem. In any case, it does not hurt to get an offer, so why not get a free quote. Get the money you need this second to handle your problem and then we will show you how to pay back your loan.

A woman who needs money now.

Ways To Pay Back Your Loan

If you decided to accept a loan, we have some ways to get the money you need to pay it back quickly. Many of them are surprisingly easy. Have a look for yourself.

Have A Yard Sale

The yard or garage sale has always been a classic American way to make some extra money. Just throw up a few signs and sit in your driveway and your money problems could be over. While this oversimplifies things, it really is not much more complicated.

The real trick to throwing a successful garage sale when you need money this second is to promote it well. You need to list your garage sale on social media  and anywhere else that you can. At a bare minimum post your sale on some free Facebook boards. Additionally, you need to make as many signs as possible. Poster-board is cheap, so make as many signs as you can. If you have kids, enlist their help.

The night before the sale, spend a little time cleaning up your items and marking them with prices. If you treat your items with respect, people will be far more likely to make a purchase. You need to also make sure that you have enough to sell in order to attract buyers. A small sale will generate little traffic, so go in with neighbors if necessary.

On the day of the sale, start early and end early. Garage sale shoppers are early risers and cut out quickly. That means that you should be up at dawn and that you should be shutting down the sale by noon.

Sell The Plasma From Your Blood

If you are good with a needle, you can easily get the money you need this second to pay back your loan. How much can you make? Up to 1000 dollars in your first month of donation. This includes new donor bonuses and donations made twice a week. You see, giving plasma is very much different than giving blood. Because your red blood cells are returned in the process, you can give plasma up to twice a week. That gives you quite the money making opportunity.

Giving plasma itself is very easy and only takes about an hour. Most of the work is done by the donation center and all that you really need to do is sit and play on your phone. If you are not good with needles, simply look away and before you know it, you will be done and you will have the money you need.

Get A Sign On Bonus

Have you thought about changing jobs? If so, you could use a job move to not only start earning more, but also to get a bonus that you can use to get the money you need right this second.

Employers are currently desperate for employees and sign on bonuses are becoming increasingly common. How much can you make? It really depends on the job you do. Even low wage workers can take advantage of sign on bonuses of 200 dollars or more. If you work in a highly skilled trade, it can be thousands.

Another way to score a bonus for the money you need is to sign up for a new checking account. Banks are eager for more customers and simply transferring money into a new account could earn you a few hundred dollars. Money that could come in handy for paying off your loan or handling your money emergency.

Sell Something On Facebook

When I need money right this second, Facebook is often a place that I turn. There is no better online classified if you want to move something quickly.

The key benefit to selling on Facebook is the messenger service. It allows you to quickly reach buyers and, if you price your items fairly, you should be able to make a sale in a matter of hours. The best things to sell on Facebook are tools and electronic devices.

As with all online classified services, sellers are advised to watch out for scams. Make sure that you meet in a public location and only accept cash.

Flip Something That Was Free

Don’t have something to sell on Facebook, no problem, just pick up something for free.

Free listings are very common on Facebook and Craigslist. Sometimes people just want something gone and do not care about making any money. When this happens, you can take advantage of the situation by picking up the items and reselling them on another platform. If you get it From Facebook, sell it on Craigslist and vice versa.

While this might seem a little dodgy, keep in mind that you are doing someone a favor. If they wanted to make money, they could sell their items. What they want is their clutter gone and you are obliging them.

Borrow From A Friend

While borrowing from friends and family is risky, you just can not beat a free loan. You can use this loan for the money you need right this second or to help you pay back a loan that you used to solve your money problem. If you go this direction, make sure you follow a few rules.

First, make sure that you get everything in writing and never work with cash. You need a paper trail so that you can prove you paid the loan back to your friend or family member.

Second, take the loan seriously, as serious as a bank loan. The last thing that you want is for your friend to think you are taking them for granted. This is how feelings get hurt and friendships get lost.

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