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If you are saying to yourself, “I need money now”, we may be able to help. Get a no obligation loan quote and learn about other ways that you can make money quickly and handle your financial issues.

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A loan might not be the ideal solution, but it sure is the fastest way to solve your money problems, even if you have bad credit. Why not get a free quote so that you know if a loan is a good option for you? There is no obligation.

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More Ways To Get Money Now

While a loan is great, it may not be the only solution. Here are more ways that you and I can get the money we need when we are in a bind. Use these solutions to handle your money problems or take out a loan and use them to pay back that loan.

Free Stuff On Craigslist

If you search Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace often, you probably know that there are always people getting rid of things for free. This often comes in the form of a “curb alert” where they leave items on the curb for the fastest person to claim. Other times, people are willing to hold items for the first person who responds. In any case, you need to get to these items quickly because they go fast and they often have some value.

Once you have your items, take them home and clean them up. Then relist them, preferably on another service. If you got your goods from Craigslist, sell them on Facebook Marketplace and vice versa.It is as simple as that.

How much can you make from doing this? You might be surprised. Anywhere from 10 dollars to a few hundred dollars. It can be shocking what people are just willing to throw away because they do not want to bother with the hassle of selling.

Deliver Food

Services like “Uber Eats” are always looking for people to deliver food and you can make a good side income from it. Money that you can use to solve your current need for money. Food delivery can earn you almost 10 dollars a trip, money that can quickly add up. Money comes fairly quick as well, with the company issuing payments on a weekly basis. If you need money faster, you may also be in luck. Tips are very common and many people like to tip in cash instead of the app. That means that you might be able to start solving your money problems from day one.

Donate Plasma

Are you comfortable with needles? If you can tolerate being poked a little, you can make up to 900 dollars donating plasma in a month.

Plasma is used to make a number of therapeutic and even life saving treatments. Because of this, it is very much in demand. The companies making these products are also “for profit” companies. That means that they see your blood plasma as a commodity and are more than willing to pay for it.

Donating plasma is different than donating whole blood. During the process, your red blood cells are returned to you. This means that you do not get that light headed feeling that you get when giving whole blood. It also means that you can donate up to twice a week. Donating this often, combined with first time donor bonuses, can net you nearly a thousand dollars.

Collect Scrap Metal

Have you ever seen guys with pickup trucks loaded down with old washing machines and scrap metal? What do you think they are doing with it? They are selling it to scrap yards and making anywhere from 30 cents to 3 dollars a pound. When you think about how much this stuff weighs, you can see that there is the potential to make a lot of money and it may be an easy way to get the money you need now.

To get started, all you need is a truck, trailer or SUV. Then, simply drive around some local neighborhoods on trash or bulk pickup day. Most people will not mind you simply taking the items that they were going to throw away. Just be polite and do not make a mess. Once you have your items, take them to the local recycler and cash in. It is as simple as that.

Get A Sign On Bonus

When was the last time that you switched jobs? If it has been some time, there are more than a few reasons to consider doing it right now.

First, it can get you a hefty sign on bonus which you can use to handle your current money problems. Employees are in demand right now, especially if you work in a skilled trade. Sign on bonuses can be anywhere from 500 dollars to several thousand dollars. This money is usually paid on your first check, but it can be spread out over several paydays.

Another reason to go after a new job is for the pay increase. Your current company is likely to only give you a 3 to 4 percent cost of living increase every year, but you could increase your pay 10 to 20 percent by finding another employer. This is money that you could put to good use by starting a savings account that can prevent future money issues.

Take A Few Surveys

Honestly, you are not going to make a lot of money taking surveys, but if you just need 20 or 40 dollars, this might be a solution for you.

The trick to making money with surveys is to get in and out quickly. Do not let them tie you down with countless low paying surveys. Just take the highest paying ones first and then cash out as soon as you can. You will likely be paid with a gift card, but most survey websites will issue PayPal cards and they are almost as good as cold hard cash.

One thing to watch out for with surveys is advertisements. Much of what survey sites do is advertise to you. This is how they make money. Use an email address that you do not mind losing and be careful not to sign up for offers with a financial commitment. If the website asks for a credit card number, run the other way.

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