I Need $400 Now

Do you find yourself saying, I need $400 now? If you do, we may be able to help you get the money that you need. Take just a few minutes and get a no obligation offer to solve your money problems.

First, how much money will solve your problem?

$400 from a loan for someone who needs money now.

Paying Back Your $400 Loan

Once you have your loan, you can handle your money problem, but then you should start thinking about paying back that 400 dollars. Here are a few things that you can do to get the money you need.

1) Get $400 From Donating

Did you know that you can earn big money just by donating your blood plasma? It is true and in fact, you can earn far more than the 400 dollars that it will take to pay back your loan.

Here is how it works. You find a local plasma donation center and make an appointment to donate. Make sure that they are a paying center, because there are some that only accept free donations. Don’t feel bad about asking for money for your plasma, because these centers are for profit and will be making money off of you.

On the day of the appointment, show up hydrated and prepared to spend about 60 minutes making your donation. When you are done, you can walk put with cash.

First time donors can expect to make roughly 1000 dollars in their first month of donating. This is because you can donate up to twice a week and most centers offer first time donor bonuses.

2) Collect $400 Worth Of Scrap

Old metal will always have value because it costs less to recycle metal than it does to mine and produce new metal. Depending on the type of metal that you recycle, you can earn as much as 2 dollars a pound. Not bad for something that you can find on the street.

To start earning with recycling, you have to find the metal, which is not as hard as you think. A simple drive through a neighborhood on trash collection day is one way to find it, but you can also look for “free” listings on online classified. Once you find your metal, just bring it down to a local recycler and get your money. With enough hustling, you might be able to score the entire 400 dollars that you need.

3) Skip Your $400 Car Payment (The Right Way)

If you are in good standing with your auto loan company, you can likely skip a payment. Most auto lenders will allow you defer a payment, which basically means that you are moving a payment to the end of the loan.

It effectively increases the length of your auto loan by another month, but it can help give you some financial breathing room. Use the money you would have paid on your vehicle to pay off that loan for 400 dollars.

4) Sell $400 In Useless Stuff

Old appliances, tools, jewelry, etc. Your home is probably full of stuff that you do not need and probably no longer want.

Take a laundry basket and go through your home room by room. If you have not used something for at least 6 months, put it in the basket. When you are done, chances are good that you will have 400 dollars worth of useless stuff to sell.

Now, all that you need to do is list it on an online classified such as Craigslist. Just be sure to follow all of the normal internet safety rules such as meeting in a public place and only taking cash.

5) Have A Buddy Lend You $400

Borrowing from a friend is probably ow on your list and for good reason. It can be tricky borrowing from a friend because we are attached to our money. If someone thinks that you are not taking a loan seriously, bad things can happen.

To address this situation, simply get everything in writing. Write down how much is borrowed, when it should be paid back and record all payments. This might seem a bit too businesslike for a friendship, but it will protect you and your friend. With all of the details in writing, thinks are much more likely to go smoothly.

6) Take A $400 Work Advance

How much money have you earned since your last paycheck? Chances are it is well over the 400 dollars that you need, so why not ask your employer for an advance on your paycheck.

For the cost of a little paperwork, an employer would be smart to help their employees out in a difficult situation. Just do not turn to this method too often because you do not want to annoy your employer not do you want them to think you are irresponsible.

7) Trade In $400 Of Designer Clothing

Are you holding on to designer clothing that you have not worn in months? Turn it into the 400 dollars that you need by selling it to a resale shop.

High end thrift stores would love to take on your designer clothes and resell it, but it has to be the good stuff. You are not very likely to be able to turn a profit on some used Hanes t shirts.

8) Collect $400 In Bonuses

Last, but not least, have you thought about earning at least a portion of the 400 dollars you need with bonuses? Many banks are still giving bonuses for customers to open new accounts. This is essentially free money.

Employers are also taking part in the bonus game. Most employers are still hurting for staff and would be more than happy to offer you a bonus for switching jobs. It could be anywhere from the 400 dollars you are looking for to well over 5000 dollars, depending on your trade.

Let’s Wrap Up

A loan is a serious matter, but it is a great way to handle a money emergency. You just need to have a plan on how to pay back the loan and we hope that we have given you several solutions.

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