I Need $300 Now

Are you saying to yourself, I need $300 now? If so, we may be able to help. Take a minute and get a free cash loan offer and solve your money problems.

First, how much money will solve your problem?

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More Ways To Get $300 Fast

A loan is a convenient tool and probably the fastest way to get money, but it may not be your only solution. Here are some more ways to get the money you need or possibly the money to pay back your online loan.

1) Make A $300 Donation

Can you make a charitable donation and use it to get the 300 dollars that you need? Absolutely, as long as you are donating your plasma.

Blood plasma is in high demand because it is used to make a number of treatments. Treatments that can ease the pain and/or save the life of cancer patients, burn victims and more.

Donating plasma is a very good thing and it is actually quite profitable. These companies making those life saving treatments are not charitable organizations. They are “for profit” companies which means that they are willing to pay you for the plasma that they need.

So, how much can you make? If you are a new donor, you can make as much as 1000 dollars in your first month of donating. This is because of new donor bonuses and the fact that you can donate twice a week.

2) Recycle $300 In Metal

Metal recycling has always been big but now, metals like copper are going for over 2 dollars a pound. That is a tidy sum for doing something good for the environment.

Of course, finding over 100 pounds of copper is not going to be the easiest thing in the world, but copper wire is fairly common. In addition, metal recyclers are willing to pay you for just about any material including stainless steel, aluminum, tin, etc.

To find this metal, simply drive around a few neighborhood on trash day. As long as you are respectable and do not leave a mess, most people do not mind you saving some metal from the dump.

Another source of free metal is online classified. There are always postings for free scrap metal or for non working appliances. Just be ready to pick them up and bring them to the recycler for a quick payday, hopefully in excess of the 300 dollars that you need.

3) Sell $300 In Property

Do you have 300 dollars in property laying around your home? You might be surprised a what you could sell to get the money that you need. You might not be able to get everything with one sale, but in the aggregate, you can get the job done.

Just take a look at your junk drawer. Is there an old cell phone in it, because it could be worth a few hundred dollars. You might think you need a back up phone, but chances are that it is just going to go to waste.

Other quick sale items include appliances, power tools, jewelry and video games. All of these things can help you get the money that you need.

4) Defer $300 In Bills

If you have a car payment and you are in good standing, the 300 dollars that you need could be just a phone call away. Simply call your finance company and ask them to defer a payment. What this does is simply move a payment to the end of your loan, effectively lengthening your loan by a month.

Other creditors may be just as likely to allow you to skip a payment or make an interest only payment. This is especially true in light of the recent developments in the economy. A creditor would rather work with you than see you get behind and default.

5) Borrow $300 From A Buddy

It can be difficult to borrow money from a friend, but if you are smart about things, it can give you 300 dollars without hefty loan fees or interest.

The trick is to get everything in writing. Write down how much is to be borrowed, how much you will pay back and when this will occur. Also, make sure that you have proof that the loan has been repaid. This means forget about paying your loan back in cash and instead use e payments or a check so that there is a paper trail.

6) Sell $300 In Clothing

If you have a closet full of Hanes tees in your closet, this method will do you little good. On the other hand, if your closet is stocked with well cared for designer clothing, your problem might just be solved.

Used clothing retailers are popping up everywhere and they want your well cared for designer clothing. Why not rummage through your closet and pick out those items that you rarely use anymore. Then, take them down to a store such as Plato’s closet or a similar retailer.

Be careful though because they will try to get you to take store credit instead of cash. Keep your eyes on the prize and get your cash.

7) Earn $300 In Bonuses

When was the last time you opened a new checking account? It might be time to take a look at what is out there and se what kind of bonuses they are offering. Many banks will give you 100, 200 or even 300 dollars in bonuses, just for signing up for a new account.

8) Have Your Boss Advance You $300

If you have a steady job and a nice boss, your money problem could be answered by a simple paycheck advance. You have almost certainly earned 300 dollars or more since you were last paid, so there is no risk for your employer, just a little paperwork.

Do be aware that your next check will obviously be a little short as you will need to pay back the money. It beats a loan with interest however and gives you time to come up with another solution.

Pulling It All Together

As you can see, there are a number of ways to get the money that you need.

If you have the time, use a method that does not involve a loan and sure up your finances sooner. Should you need money fast, a loan is worth considering. Just have a plan on how you are going to pay it back.

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