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I Need $200 Now

If you are saying to yourself, I need $200 now, you may have more options than you might think, one of them being a fast loan. Let us help you get a fast and free loan quote, even with bad credit.

First, how much money will solve your problems?

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More Ways To Get $200 ASAP

If a loan is not your thing, or you do not want to take on any debt, is it possible to get $200 in a hurry? Absolutely. Take a look at a few other options that you may be able to use to get the 200 dollars that you need.

1) Make A $200 Donation

Did you know that you may be able to get the 200 dollars that you need from simply making a donation? It is true, as long as that donation is blood plasma.

Plasma is highly sought after because it is used to make a number of life saving drugs and therapeutic treatments and unlike blood, companies will pay you for it. This is because the companies that are making these treatments are in it for a profit and thus see your plasma as a commodity.

Donating plasma takes about an hour and you can donate up to twice a week, every week. In addition, many plasma donation centers will offer first time donor bonuses. That means that you could come up with the 200 dollars that you need with just one or two donations.

2) Do $200 In Recycling

At 30 cents a pound, scrap metal can very easily bring you in the 200 dollars that you need. Of course, you would need to bring in over 600 pounds of metal, but that might not be as hard ass you think.

Consider the fact that even a simple water heater will weigh in at over 50 pounds and you can see that there is a real possibility of earning the money you need fairly quickly. All that you need to do is find the metal and Craigslist does most of the work for you.

Just check the Free section of Craigslist and look for scrap. Go pick it up and take it to a recycler in your area. Should Craigslist come up empty, simply drive around a few neighborhoods on trash day. You are sure to find plenty of metal scrap.

3) Sell Something For $200

Most of us have something at home that we can sell to get 200 dollars or more. Take a look around and look for items that you have not used for at least 6 months. Instead of hanging on to them, sell them and get the money you need.

Once you have your items, sell them on Craigslist or, even better, Facebook marketplace. Big sellers that can earn you 200 dollars or more include appliances, power tools, jewelry and handbags.

Another option is to sell that back up cell phone that you are keeping in your junk drawer. It is losing money every day, so grab it and head to an ecoATM and get cash in your pocket today.

4) Get $200 Off Your Bills

Instead of getting money, you could always save money. Get on the phone and start calling your creditors and see if you can either skip or move a payment. You might be surprised at just how many would be willing to do so and it could free up far more than the 200 dollars that you need right now.

One of the easiest creditors to turn to is your auto loan provider. Nearly every auto loan lender will allow you to defer a payment to the end of the term. You will not be skipping a payment, you will simply be moving the payment or payments to the end of your term. Do keep in mind that this will effectively extend the length of your loan.

5) Ask For $200 From A Friend

Friends and money don’t mix, but loans are not much fun either. If you have a friend who might be able to spare a few hundred dollars, you might consider taking a chance.

To limit the risk in your friend or family loan transaction, you can simply take the extra step of writing up a contract. A contract, although a  bit impersonal, will protect everyone involved. It does not have to be anything fancy though, simply write out the amount of the loan, the amount to be repaid and when the loan should be paid back.

When you make your payments to your friend, be sure to leave a paper trail. That means “no cash”. Pay the money back with either cash or an electronic payment service, making sure to state the purpose of the money in the notes.

6) Dump $200 In Clothing

That lightly used clothing in your closet might just be able to get you the 200 dollars that you need, if it is made by a designer. High end resale shops are the ticket.

Stores like “Plato’s Closet” will be more than willing to pay you for your items and these stores are in most cities. Just clean them up and bring them in, but be careful. One strategy these stores often use is to give you more money in store credit than cash. They want you to spend, so be aware and get out of there with the money you need.

7) Get A $200 Bonus

Who doesn’t like a bonus? It is free money after all, so why not get a bonus to find the 200 dollars that you need. You might be thinking, “easier said than done”, but you might be surprised.

There are more ways to score a bonus than you think. Open a checking account, apply for a new credit card, switch internet companies, refer a friend to your apartment community or even change jobs. Bonuses are out there because companies know that money talks.

Just use some caution and make sure that the bonus does not end up costing you more than you get. Look out to not get caught up in a contract or get stuck paying more than you are already paying for a service.

8) Get A $200 Advance From Work

It is like a 20 dollar loan, but without interest or fees. Here is how it works.

Go to your employer and ask if they can give you an advance on your paycheck. Since you will have already earned the money that you are being advanced, there is no risk to the employer. It just involves a little paperwork, which any good employer should be willing to do.

This strategy does not come without risk. You do not want to be turning to your employer every few weeks or even every few months asking for money. It might make you look irresponsible and could hurt your chances of an eventual promotion. Use this technique sparingly.

Let’s Wrap Up

As you can see by now, it is easier than you think to come up with a few hundred dollars. A loan will almost always be the quickest route, but it is not the only one. If you have the time to wait, it might be to your best advantage to use the other methods and stay out of debt.

If you do need the money immediately, you can use a combo method. Take out the loan and then use the other methods to get the money to pay off that loan. You get the money you need immediately and can pay it back fast.

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